Grilling from another galaxy

Boost your BBQ experience in an innovative, fun and exciting way.

Key features


Impress your friends with this stylish, state of the art grilling system. A BBQ athmospehere you have never expirienced before.


Doesn't matter if it is your home garden, your terrace or the beach. You can easily take Galaxy Grill with you everywhere.


Endless cooking and grilling possibilities. You want to make your favourite steak or some stew in a kettle? No problem at all.

BBQ possibilities

Cooking food on an open flame is the same age as humanity. When grilling (roasting on a grate), the heat exchanger – supply it with hard wood or charcoal – uses the upward movement of the outgoing combustion products and the heated air in its surroundings to bake the grilled food on the iron grate placed in its path.
Instead of grilling, we can use a skewer too. In this case, the smoke generated by the combustion products in an airless environment comes into direct contact with the food to be prepared, so it also tastes it.
We treat this type of process as a separate category because the food does not come into direct contact with the combustion products, but instead it is placed on a iron plate, disc, baking tray or pan, which is either heated dry with vegetable oil.
We place a high-walled pot over the fire with the holder adapter and make water-based dishes. The importance of high water content is that when the boiling point ( ~100 °C at atmospheric pressure) is reached, we can no longer increase the temperature (if we supply the evaporated water) so that the raw materials are prepared at this temperature so that the water itself behaves like a solvent, so combining the flavor of the raw materials creates a unique complex taste. We can think of soups, one-course dishes (goulash, bean goulash, fish soup… etc.) but noodle or rice base or other cereal base can also be considered.
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State of the Art Design

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Got Questions?


Here are some of the most common questions, along with the complete answers from our support experts.

Galaxy Grill is made of high quality steel and is coated with special heat resistant paint.
Assembled size of Galaxy grill: Width 730mm X Height 455mm X Depth 610mm. The height of the grate is 360mm, the weight of the Galaxy Grill is 30kg.
When designing the Galaxy Grill, we aimed to develop a more versatile product. Thanks to this, it is suitable for barbecues, kettle cooking, roasting and grilling.
The Galaxy Grill can be used outdoors, such as: on the terrace, in the yard, in the park, on the lake, on the table or on the ground.
The dimensions of the Galaxy Grill are designed to function as a mobile barbecue and fit in most of the average car trunk.
Galaxy Grill is made in Hungary.
Galaxy Grill is transported be a delivery company.
The contents of the Galaxy Grill package include the parts of the barbecue unit, as well as the installation instructions, tools and screws for installation.

Amazing Grilling and Cooking Performance

The size and design of the fire box makes it possible to create any temperature your food desires.

Exciting and Innovative Design

Amaze your friends with a real space vehicle – they will definitely join the dark side with you.

Portable, Strong and Durable

It can be cold in outer space but it’s always hot in our Galaxy Grill – and it bides even a storm.

Easy Assembly – Take it with You Anywhere

BBQ, cook, fry anywhere – Galaxy grill is a great companion on any of your trips.

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Customer reviews

I just love it! My two sons are great fans of Star Wars and now they want to make dinner for us! What else a mother can wish for? Maybe one more thing: it’s easy to clean.
We often have BBQ parties with friends and family. Now I’m not alone at the grill, everybody joins me to chat about Galaxy grill. They love the design, I love the company while preparing their food.
I go fishing with my friends a lot and we often cook in a kettle. Now I have a grill for both and it’s easy to assemble and carry around in my truck. Maybe it’s the dark side but I never caught so much fish before – it’s always a full kettle to cook fish soup.